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Interactive Marketing:
Website Optimization & Internet Advertising Specialists

Increasing Website Traffic and Sales Thru Optimization

Interactive Marketing is a website optimization and Internet marketing company based in Bend, Oregon and founded by Matt Hockin. We assist companies with increasing the sales, leads, and opt-ins generated from their web site and Internet marketing efforts using these marketing strategies:

  1. Web Site Optimization - Optimizing your web pages for the search engines AND to generate more results thru persuasive copywriting and conversion rate optimization.
  2. Search Engine Optimization - Achieving high search engine rankings by promoting your web site and acquiring keyword optimized text links.
  3. Search Engine Advertising - Driving qualified web site visitors with pay-per-click (PPC) and other methods to increase leads and sales, or opt-ins.
  4. Social Media Marketing - Building fans, traffic, leads and sales by getting your content, ads and videos in front of your target audience on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  5. YouTube Videos - Taking advantage of the business-building benefits of YouTube including the ability to tap into YouTube's HUGE audience by posting your videos and advertising on YouTube.

About Matt Hockin

Matt Hockin helps business owners, Marketing Managers and Sales Execs increase their qualified leads, sales and profits using Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google AdWords PPC Advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), website optimization, landing page optimization, persuasive copywriting, Unique Selling Propositions (USP), Company Taglines, content development, and Social Media Marketing with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, YouTube videos, etc.

In 1997, during the inception of e-commerce, Matt gained a significant amount of his experience with Internet Marketing while working with pioneers in the online marketing industry such as John Audette's Multimedia Marketing Group (MMGCO).

Matt has worked on successful internet marketing campaigns for large "Fortune 500" companies and smaller businesses such as small business owners, professionals (Dentists, Doctors, etc., etc.), Marketing Managers, Sales Executives, Consultants, Coaches and many others.

Success Stories:

Here are a few examples of results we've helped our clients achieve...

  • - Increased traffic by 39,824 visitors in the first month, and by an average of over 120,000+ per month after 3 months.
  • - A 30%+ increase in monthly traffic with an immediate equivalent increase in advertising revenues.
  • Dentist Ken Cirka - A dentist in Philadelphia who's site went from averaging 5 new patients a month to 100+ new patients per month. Dr. Cirka's web site is now the TOP website in the Philadelphia dentistry market.
  • Metal Marker Mfg - Provider of custom metal asset identification tags now has many #1 positions on Google and a successful Google AdWords campaign bringing in new clients every month. Testimonial: "We're #1 on Google! We are seeing an increase in leads and sales. Thanks!" ~ Mike Solarz -

Read Some of Our Testimonials!

"Your website optimization and linking campaign are working great! The website is now generating a lot more quality leads which has filled the 'pipeline' for our sales team and is providing us with a great source of new business. Thanks!" ~ Todd Asevedo, HR Software Sales Executive

"You helped save our ad budget! Keep up the hard work, we greatly need and appreciate your efforts." ~ Allan Gindi -

"I *can* highly recommend Matt Hockin. He's a super consultant and was a great source of inspiration and support while I wrote the Make Your Site Sell book." ~ Ken Evoy, Author - "Make Your Site Sell!"

"I have been working with Matt and have found him to be extremely knowledgeable, efficient, fast, and results oriented. We are using him to consult on web design, netwriting (copywriting), traffic building, and outsourcing of the web programming. I have found his experience to be invaluable. For just $2,000 US we generated 16,100 unique visitors in 30 days, 28% became prospects (roughly 4,500). We converted 15.3% to sales. Great numbers!" ~ Kelvin Parker, Parker Marketing

Want to Increase Your Sales?

Our proven strategies and tactics work for any web site.
With our web site optimization and Internet marketing services, you will...

  • Increase the conversion rate of your web site;
  • Increase the qualified visitors to your web site;
  • Increase sales, leads and opt-ins (whatever your goal is);
  • Decrease the average acquisition cost per customer;
  • Increase rankings in the top search engines: Google, Yahoo!, and MSN;
  • Increase PPC results from your Google AdWords and Yahoo campaigns.

Our experienced web site optimization experts can help you achieve results.

Free Strategy Session. Call 541-280-3363

For your Free Strategy Session call (541) 280-3363 or click here. Learn how you can get more results from your current marketing budget. Optimize your web site to and increase your leads, sales, referrals, and profits. Click Here For More Info

For more information about Interactive Marketing and the web site optimization and conversion rate optimization services we offer, call us at 541.280.3363 or fill out our form for a FREE consultation.

Interactive Marketing
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