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Article Writing and Submission Services for
SEO Link Building and Generating Targeted Traffic

Article Submission Service for SEO and TrafficAre you tired of seeing your competition's website ranking in the top 10 at Google while wondering how you can get your site up there? Are you searching for the most powerful strategy for driving targeted prospects to your web site AND boost your search engine rankings?

The solution is article writing and submission. In other words, writing keyword optimized articles about your product, service or area of expertise and then getting them published on other sites with a link pointing back to your site.

Article writing and submission is an excellent way to...

  1. increase your search engine rankings;
  2. build your brand and become a trusted expert;
  3. increase qualified visitors to your website;
  4. boost your sales and revenues.

You've probably already heard of article writing and submission for search engine rankings. This strategy is not new, but it ispowerful and content brings targeted visitors to your website.

The problem is... most people don't follow through because it's a lot of work!

Fortunately, we've come up with a way to make this easy for you and get 1, 2, 4 and even more articles written and published each month with only about 15 minutes of your time per article. (More about that later.)

Article Marketing Offers You Many Advantages:

  • Branding, Credibility and Trust - When your expert articles are published on other sites you are seen as an expert. This positions you as a credible and trustworthy company and people feel good about buying from you.
  • Qualified Traffic - People will see your articles on other websites, read them and click the link to your website. Many will buy from you.
  • Links for Search Engine Rankings - Articles are keyword optimized and include links pointing to your website. These articles will boost your rankings and sometimes the articles themselves rank in the top 10 within a week!
  • Article Syndication - With today's hot new blogging and RSS syndication technologies we've found that for every article we get published for you, on average 5-10 more webmasters will publish your article on their site. So, if we get your article and link published on 50 sites, over time you'll see 250 or more articles and links. That's just from 1 article!
  • High Conversion Rate - The people who actually spend the time to read through your whole article and click the link to your website are very interested. Therefore a high percentage of them convert to buyers.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) - Each article can bring you a nice return on investment in the form of new visitors and sales. So, even if one of your articles doesn't help with your rankings for some reason, you'll still benefit!

Case Study:

WebProNews ArticleI wrote an article titled Organic "Natural" SEO Vs. PPC Search Engine Advertising. I submitted it to only 5 article syndication sites and that same day the editor of very popular site published it.

Go to Google and do a laser targeted search for that article by typing in "matt hockin" + organic and you'll find the following...

  • This 1 article was published on over 280 other websites;
  • many of them provided a link to my website;
  • These links all pass relevant link popularity to my site;
  • These links attract lots of traffic from other websites;
  • New visitors equal sales.

Our Article Writing and Submission Service Includes:

  • Professional Article Writing - We will research and write a professional article that is both keyword optimized (for seo) and written to capture your target audience's attention, pique their interest, increase their desire, and compel them to take action - to click your link for your offer.
  • Media Research and List Building - Like a laser-targeted "seo pr" campaign, we research and find the most relative "authority sites" in your industry and hand submit your article to the editors via email.
  • Media Exclusives - The best way to get your article published in the BEST websites and publications is to offer an "exclusive." In other words, the editor wants to be the FIRST to publish your great article so their publication has better content than their competitor's content. In return, you'll get your article accepted by the best publications in your industry including an active hyperlink that will boost your rankings and provide traffic for months and years to come.
  • Hand-Submissions to Hundreds of Authority Sites - After we offer your exclusive, we'll hand submit your article to hundreds of high-traffic "authority sites" that are related to your product, service or business. This will ensure your article gets published on as many sites as possible to boost your visitors and links.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

Q: Why shouldn't I just use article submission software?

A: Article submission software cannot write high quality articles for you that are researched and written in a way that website publishers love so they'll publish your work.

Software does not research the best websites in your industry and hand-submit your article to them via email. So, you'll miss the top websites in your industry who will publish your article, link to your website to boost your search engine rankings, send you laser-targeted traffic, and start a viral "buzz" about your article (and company) to get your article the maximum visibility on the NET.

With software you'll only get a few junk links that won't help much with your traffic or seo. Our opinion is that article submission software IS junk.

Start Your Article Marketing Campaign Today:

Contact us now for a free price quote on our article writing and submission services by calling Matt Hockin at 541.280.3363 or by clicking here.

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