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How to Set Up a Facebook Advertising Campaign
by Matt Hockin

Get New Local Clients with Facebook Ads

A Step-by-Step, No-Fail Strategy for Getting New Clients

Would you like to dramatically increase your sales by using Facebook ads? Or, maybe you’re already using Facebook and want more results from your advertising budget. If so, continue reading this article because it outlines the step-by-step, no-fail system for getting new clients into your local business with Facebook Ads.

Example of a Facebook Ad >>>

Optimize Your Marketing "Funnel"

Your advertisement is NOT the ONLY part of your campaign that is going to get you new clients. A well-designed marketing "Funnel" which includes your ad, your landing page, and the follow-up sequences and systems you use is what gets you new clients. Your lead generation funnel will have many components that all should be designed correctly to get you new business.

Components of your marketing funnel include:

  • Your Facebook ad
  • Lead capture page
  • Leads
  • Product/Service
  • Follow-Up Emails
  • Follow-Up Ads
  • Product/Service
  • Sale!

Targeted Facebook Advertising

When advertising, you will get more new clients for less money per client if you are very strategic and laser-targeted about WHO you display your ads to. With Facebook's Ad Targeting tools, you can show your ads to people who:

  • Live close to your office,
  • Live in certain zip codes,
  • Are a certain age, gender and income,
  • Have specific interests,
  • and more.

Choosing the correct target is the important first step to your successful ad campaign that brings you new clients each and every week.

Advertising Copy ("Creative")

The next factor to your successful ad campaign is the ad copy which includes the headline, content, photo, call-to-action, etc. This is sometimes called the "Creative" of your ad. Your ad must include a very compelling offer that grabs the reader's attention, gets them excited about your offer, product, or service, and compels them to sign up for it NOW. Then, they will click your ad and then go to the next step which is your "Landing Page" or sometimes called your "Lead Capture Page" where they sign up. See this Digital Marketer ad example >>>

Landing Page / Lead Capture Page

When they click your ad they then go to your Landing Page where they are given more information about your offer/product/service. This information should closely match what your advertisement says and also get them to enter their Name, Email and Phone Number to claim the offer. Your landing page needs to use the proper design and layout so it GRABS your offer instead of clicking the back button and BAIL OUT. When they enter their information, your lead generation funnel will now follow-up with them automatically and you can even use simple and cheap (sometimes even free) systems to book your appointments with them... all by computer.

Thank You Page

After they enter their information (and become a lead), they will be taken to your "Thank You Page". You can (and should) use your Thank You Page to compel them to CALL YOU NOW and you can also give them an additional bonus offer if they "Act Now". This will boost your success and income even more.


What about the people who do NOT take your offer and become a client immediately after seeing your ad? The good news is that you didn’t waste a bunch of money on ads and all hope is not lost. Actually, it's OK because with the use of technology we can easily stay in touch with them and "Follow-Up" with them so eventually many will become your clients in the near future and even give you referrals.

This is done by using...

  • a series of emails to follow-up with them (email "autoresponder" systems),
  • a series of ads that display to them (Facebook Re-Targeting Ads, and Google Re-Marketing Ads).

These 2 easy-to-use technologies will allow you to "follow your prospects" and remind them about you for weeks, and months so they become your clients. In fact, the greatest asset your business has is your database of clients. These 2 technologies can be used to AUTOMATICALLY communicate with the people who saw your ad to build up your database of prospects, leads and clients and boost your sales while you're doing it.

So, even if they do not take your initial offer... you're still building a long-term relationship with them, and setting yourself up for future sales. And the good news is, many WILL take you up on your offer in the short-term. It's a win-win situation for your business, short-term... AND long-term.


I will create your Ads, Landing pages, and email sequences FOR FREE.
If you like the results we can talk about working further together. Let’s talk now about how we can start bringing in more clients into your business.
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Need help getting clients from your Facebook campaign?
To discover more about Facebook advertising, call Matt Hockin at 541.280.3363 or click here to use our contact form.

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