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Lesson 1 of the Google AdWords Success Plan
by Matt Hockin

On Google AdWords, it's Targeting that
Separates the Winners from All the Rest

With Google, this strategy is CRITICAL
to get right so you WIN… instead of lose

And WHAT is that key strategy?


You see, the thing that made Google "come out of nowhere" and beat their competitors to become THE biggest search engine in the whole world is... Targeting.

Here’s what I mean:

The ONE thing the people of the world want in a Search Engine is to FIND exactly what they are searching for… and find it QUICK.

Google knows this, so Google built a better Search Engine "algorithm" than the competition. This means when you go to, type in a keyword phrase and click "Search"… Google is ON-TARGET and gives you FAST RESULTS that are usually PRECISELY TARGETED to EXACTLY what you’re looking for. So, when the other search engines were providing less than optimal results, Google provided targeted results... and the world beat a path to Google and "voted" for it as their Search Engine of choice.

In fact, this is why Google is THE biggest Search Engine in the world BY FAR, getting around 3.5 BILLION searches PER DAY. And, this is also why Google is the biggest source of potential new customers for growing your business.

In other words…

If your business’ website doesn’t show up on Google search... well, it may as well not exist AT ALL.

Do you want to tap into this source of new business?

Or, are you interesting in getting your existing Google AdWords campaigns to work way better?

Here’s how:

For every keyword, there are a certain number of people searching for it on Google. Google shows advertiser's ads based on how precisely that advertiser's ad (and landing page) is targeting that keyword. The better you as the advertiser match that keyword, the higher the "Click-Thru Rate" (CTR). The higher your CTR is, the more people will see your ad and click on it.

You see, Google rewards you for being targeted and relevant and if your ad is relevant, you get the "vote" (the click). Plus, the higher your CTR the lower your bid will be. You get more clicks and pay less per click. It’s a "win-win" for you!

On the contrary, if your ads are not written well and pulling low CTRs, Google will make you pay more to get your clicks. Then, if you try to win by "brute force" by bumping up your bids you end up paying too much and not making enough profit. The end result is you lose at the Google Game and fall out of the race in shame. Don’t be that guy.

Here’s how to win:

1) Find and bid on the precisely targeted keyword phrases.

Use the keywords that people use to find your product or service. You have to think about the psychology of what they’re thinking while searching… and then you’ll be able to identify the keywords to use in your campaigns.

2) Make sure your ads precisely target those keyword phrases.

Put the keyword phrase in the Headline and Display URL if possible.

3) Be sure your landing page also precisely targets these keyword phrases.

Your landing page should "mirror" what your ad says. It should say the same thing, or very close to it.

Then, you’ll get the maximum amount of people to see your ads, click on your ads, go to your web page and then take the action you want them to take (become a lead or a sale).

Ultimately, YOU want a sense of certainty in your business and your LIFE. You want to tap into the BIGGEST potential source of targeted visitors to your website so you can build your business. So, use these easy-to-follow steps which virtually eliminate the causes of failure by only using the strategies that are WINNING on Google AdWords.

Tomorrow's lesson is called "Cracking the Code of the Google AdWords".


Matt Hockin

Need help getting more results from your Google AdWords campaign?
To discover more about Optimizing Google AdWords, call Matt Hockin at 541.280.3363 or click here to use our contact form.

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