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Lesson 2 of the Google AdWords Success Plan
by Matt Hockin

"Cracking the Code" of Google AdWords

4 Strategies for Improving Performance to Get More from Your Budget

There are many factors that determine WHERE your ad will be positioned in the Google search engine results page (SERP). These factors include your bid price and the 4 components of your ad’s "AdRank".

Bid Price:

Google AdWords works like an online auction… with a twist. The one who bids the highest doesn’t always win the #1 position. Instead, you pay just 1 penny more than the position below you.

For example, if your competitor below you is bidding $1.00 and your bid is $2.00 you won't actually pay the $2.00. You'll pay much less since Google only charges you just 1 penny MORE than the ad that is positioned directly below you.

That's good news, but using the "Brute Force" strategy of bidding higher is NOT the way to win at Google AdWords. The way you win the Google Game is winning the 4 Critical Components which determine your "Ad Rank" - the value given to your ad which also determines the ad's position.

The better you do in these 4 Critical Components of "Ad Rank" the higher your ad's position and the less you'll pay per click. When you’re winning at all 4, your competitors won’t be able to keep up! You’ll just leave ‘em in the dust!

Expected Clickthrough Rate:

Google uses their historic database of ad clicks and guesses your approximate click-through rate. Use the winning ad content writing formulas to achieve a higher "Expected Clickthrough Rate".

Ad Relevance:

Google reviews your ad and analyzes the keyword phrases you are bidding on to see if they MATCH. If your ads target your keywords then you’ll have high Ad Relevance.

Landing Page Experience:

Google reviews your landing page to see if it is relevant and matches the keyword in your ad, plus it reviews your page to see if it’s transparent and easy-to-navigate. In other words, it checks to see if your ad content and keywords match your landing page and makes sure your landing page doesn’t have any weird pop-ups or other sneaky tricks being used.

Ad Format:

Expected impact of ad extensions like call extensions, site links, etc.

Pay Less for More Clicks by Winning at the 4 Components of "AdRank"

If you do a better job at all 4 Components of "Ad Rank", you’ll take the higher positions and pay lower prices per click. This is how you WIN at Google AdWords. Pay less for more relevant clicks than your competition.

Tomorrow's lesson is called "DOUBLE Your Results by Using Laser-Focused Relevance".


Matt Hockin

Need help getting more results from your Google AdWords campaign?
To discover more about Optimizing Google AdWords, call Matt Hockin at 541.280.3363 or click here to use our contact form.

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