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Lesson 3 of the Google AdWords Success Plan
by Matt Hockin

DOUBLE Your Results by Using Laser-Focused
"Relevance" in Your Ads, Keywords and Landing Pages

3 Steps to Getting More Results with "Relevance"

Before I show you how to DOUBLE your results with Google AdWords (if not much more), please let me show you exactly why most people are failing at AdWords. The biggest mistake people are making with Google AdWords is having low "relevance".

For example, they don’t follow these critical 3 steps:

  1. Choose keyword phrases that closely, if not perfectly match their product/service;
  2. Select and Sort these keywords into similar Campaigns and Ad Groups;
  3. Write advertisements that closely, if not perfectly MATCH these keywords.

Instead, within their 1 ad campaign they throw way too many broad keyword phrases into one (or just a few) "Ad Groups" which results in the ad(s) not matching the keywords which then results in LOW CTR (Click-Through Rate). There just isn’t a close enough match or "relevance" between the keyword being used in the search, and the ad that is displaying on Google search engine where their target market sees it.

This is exactly why their cost per click remains sky-high and your click-thru rates (CTRs) and traffic is so low. They’re only getting a little traffic, but they’re paying top dollar per click and they’re not converting into enough sales or leads! Since their campaign isn’t working, they jack up their bids and their results get even worse! Ultimately their Campaign flounders and completely FAILS while their competitors are taking all the market share away from them.

This happens all too often with Google AdWords. Don’t be "that guy"! :-)

Instead, you want to :

  1. Choose laser-focused keywords that precisely match your product/service;
  2. Write ad content that closely, if not precisely matches these keywords;
  3. Send them to a web page that also precisely matches these keywords and ad(s).

This is how you use laser-focused "Relevance" in your Ads, Keywords and Landing Pages to get way higher results.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say you sell "widgets" on a website called Your widgets come in either aluminum or titanium material and the colors available are blue, green or red.
Instead of putting blue, green and red into 1 Campaign like this >>>

Keywords:   Ad:
blue widgets
green widgets
red widgets

Buy Widgets
Choose aluminum or titanium
Get free shipping on $100 orders

Break them out by color (blue, green, or red) like this >>>


Keywords:   Ad:
blue widgets
dark blue widgets
light blue widgets

Buy Blue Widgets
Choose aluminum or titanium
Get free shipping on $100 orders


Keywords:   Ad:
green widgets
dark green widgets
light green widgets

Buy Green Widgets
Choose aluminum or titanium
Get free shipping on $100 orders


Keywords:   Ad:
red widgets
dark red widgets
light red widgets

Buy Red Widgets
Choose aluminum or titanium
Get free shipping on $100 orders

Notice how the keywords match the ads and go to a matching landing page?

In other words, if the searcher types in "blue widgets" don’t send them to your home page or a generic product page. They don’t want any widget, they want a blue widget! It’s much better to send them directly to the product page displaying the product they searched Google for.

Strive for High Relevance and Watch Your ROI from PPC Skyrocket!

The solution within your PPC campaign is to build more ad groups and have less keywords within each ad group. In fact, your highest traffic/most in-demand keyword phrases should have their own Ad Group! Yes, that is just ONE keyword per Ad Group for your highly relevant keywords. This enables you accomplish 2 important things that will raise your conversions and sales:

  1. Write precisely targeted ads that are 100% relevant to your tightly clustered keywords;
  2. Send these visitors directly to a perfectly targeted landing page.

So, by doing this you have the potential of DOUBLING your results (if not tripling, quadrupling it, or more) for your advertising budget. But, we’re not even close to being done. Let’s squeeze even MORE out of it and really knock it out of the park.


Don’t miss tomorrow's lesson is getting more visitors to TAKE ACTION by giving them an "Irresistible Offer".


Matt Hockin

Need help getting more results from your Google AdWords campaign?
To discover more about Optimizing Google AdWords, call Matt Hockin at 541.280.3363 or click here to use our contact form.

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