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How to Set Up a Google AdWords campaign
by Matt Hockin

Setting Up a Google AdWords Campaign

Basic Set-Up of a Google AdWords Campaign

Follow these easy, step-by-step instructions to start your Google AdWords campaign:

  1. Log-in at
  2. Click the red "+ Campaign" button
  3. Choose where your ads will display:
    • Select "Search Network only" (to advertise only on
    • Select "Search Network with Display Select"
    • Select "Video" for YouTube
  4. Name your Campaign and choose settings like:
    • Location (World, Country, United States, City, Region, Customized, etc.)
    • Language (English, Spanish, Etc.)
    • Maximum Cost Per Click (CPC)
    • Daily Budget
    • Etc.
  5. Create an "Ad Group" and name it
  6. Enter your keyword phrases
  7. Create an ad:
    • Display URL – 35 Characters
    • 1st Line – 25 Characters
    • 2nd Line – 35 Characters
    • 3rd Line – 35 Characters
    • Etc.
  8. Set Up Billing Info, etc.
  9. GO! (Your ad will usually start running within minutes.)

Success Strategies and Tips:

  • Your ad’s position is determined by the following equation:
    Bid Price x Quality Score (QS)
  • Get more visitors for your budget by improving your Quality Score (QS) with a more relevant ad, landing page and website. Make your ads, keywords and landing pages match.
  • If you want to be on page one to get maximum clicks and visitors, pay Google’s minimum 1st page bid or else your ads will end up down on pages 2, 3, 4 or even further down.
  • Write ads that closely (or precisely) match the keywords you are bidding on.
  • Put all your underperforming keywords in a new ad group with an ad that precisely targets it.
  • Eliminate irrelevant searches that you do not want by using negative keywords.

Ultimately, YOU want a sense of certainty in your business and your LIFE. You want to tap into the BIGGEST potential source of targeted visitors to your website so you can build your business. So, use these easy-to-follow steps which virtually eliminate the causes of failure by only using the strategies that are WINNING on Google AdWords.


Matt Hockin

Need help getting more results from your Google AdWords campaign?
To discover more about Optimizing Google AdWords, call Matt Hockin at 541.280.3363 or click here to use our contact form.

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