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Terms and Definitions in Google AdWords
by Matt Hockin

Google AdWords Terms and Definitions

Learn the Common Terms of the Google AdWords System


Campaign: An AdWords advertising campaign which includes 1 or more Ad Groups within it. Campaigns are "stand-alone" – meaning you can select unique targeting for each Campaign. For example, one Campaign can target USA and another can target Canada, etc.

Ad Group: An "Ad Group" is within a Campaign and has 1 or more ads within it and targets a list of keywords. Make sure your Ad Groups have ads that closely match the keywords within it.

Keyword: A search term (a word or word phrase) people use to find stuff on a search engine like

Keyword Match Types:

  • Broad Match - A keyword or keyword phrase without any quotes or brackets around it. Broad match will trigger your ad whenever someone’s Google search includes that keyword. Be aware that by using broad match keywords, Google can and does display your ad for "similar" and "related" keywords and phrases. This does not give you very precise control over what your ad is displayed for. We usually try to avoid Broad Match.
  • Phrase Match - A keyword or keyword phrase with quotes around it like this "keyword phrase". Phrase match will trigger your ad whenever someone’s Google search includes that keyword or that keyword phrase in that order.
  • Exact Match - A keyword or keyword phrase with brackets around it like this [keyword phrase]. Exact match will trigger your ad only when someone’s Google search includes that exact keyword or exact keyword phrase. This is very precise targeting, but you may miss many opportunities by only using exact match.

Keyword Status:

  • Active – Your ads are showing normally.
  • Ads show rarely – Your quality score is low and your ads are not displaying much.
  • Bid is below first page – Your ad is not showing on the 1st page so bid more than Google’s suggested minimum bid to get on 1st page.

Negative Keyword: A keyword or keyword phrase with a minus ("-") sign in front of it used for EXCLUDING your ad from displaying when that keyword is used to search on Google. For example, if you sell Apple Computers but not fuji apples (that you eat) include the negative keyword –fuji in your negative keywords list.

Average Position: The average position of your ad on the page it is seen on.

Impressions: The amount of times your ad is seen (but not clicked) by people who search on Google.

Click-Through Rate (CTR): The number of clicks your ad gets divided by the number of ad impressions. For example if your ad was seen 1000 times (1000 impressions) and clicked on 30 times, you have a Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 0.03% (30 / 1000).

Conversion: When someone clicks on your ad and takes an action on your website or SmartPhone it is called a "Conversion". Conversion may be sales, a lead from a contact form, a phone call, etc.

Conversion Rate (CR): The number of conversions divided by the number of clicks.

Cost Per Conversion: The number you have spent on clicks divided by the number of conversions.

Cost-Per-Click (CPC): The average cost paid each time someone clicked your ad.

Max CPC: The maximum Cost-Per-Click (CPC) you are willing to pay. (Set this is "Settings")

Daily Budget: The maximum cost for clicks you are willing to pay per day.

Quality Score (QS): The numerical score of 1-10 that Google gives your ads which indicates how relevant your ad, landing page and website are compared to each keyword. A higher QS gets you a lower minimum bid.

Ad / Advertisement: An ad which is displayed on Google. Ads are usually text ads and include a Display URL of 35 characters, a 1st Line (Headline) of 25 characters, a 2nd Line of 35 characters and a 3rd Line of 35 characters.

Display URL: The URL (hypertext link) people see in your text ad. Your display URL is required to be the same domain as your landing page.

Destination URL: The actual URL (hypertext link) that is used in your ad. This URL can be a tracking URL.

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Matt Hockin

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