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What is a "Landing Page" and why should I use them?

Landing pages are stand alone web pages built specifically for marketing campaigns such as pay-per-click search engine advertising (PPC).

Landing pages are the most important pages on your site, providing the fastest track from search results to paying customers.

For example, if you have an e-commerce web site that sells apples, oranges and bananas, you would have 3 landing pages for your PPC campaign…

  1. one for apples;
  2. one for oranges;
  3. and one for bananas.

Building and optimizing landing pages for your online marketing campaigns can result in dramatic increases in online sales (or leads), delivering a higher return on your investment for your marketing budget.

Benefits of Landing Pages

  • Improves the results of your pay pay-per-click campaigns by capturing more customers and driving traffic to the right pages
  • Reduces costs of pay-per-click campaigns and sponsored search results by helping you focus on the right terms
  • Enables you to rapidly test new campaigns and offers, narrowing your options to the offers that drive sales

The new concept of “Landing Sites” takes the old concept of “Landing Pages” to a whole new level for increasing results even further.

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