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Why are "Landing Sites" better than "Landing Pages?"

Sending your visitors to relevant “Landing Pages” is a step on the right direction, but having just one page usually is just not enough to convert an adequate amount of visitors into leads or sales.

A landing site is an extension of a single landing page with additional web pages and communications tools. Utilizing landing sites allows you to tell the “whole story” your visitor needs to know to make the decision to convert into a new lead or sale.

3 Easy Steps to Generating Leads and Sales with Pay-Per-Click:

  1. The Searcher is on a mission and has just typed in a keyword phrase that correlates to a certain product or service.
  2. Your PPC ad is spotted and you’ve won the click now you have just 3 to 8 seconds to get the Searcher to take action.
  3. By winning the click, you were afforded the opportunity to present a web page to the Searcher. The chart below shows where companies direct Searchers:
  • Most present the homepage of their web site
  • Many present a specific page within their web site
  • Some present a landing page
  • Few present the homepage of a “landing site”

The Few who use landing sites will generate a higher “Return” on their PPC investments because they will enable the Searcher to take immediate Action.

Action implies that the Searcher signs up for something - a purchase, a trial, a video, a paper, a tour, a presentation, a newsletter, etc. Landing Sites are designed to lure the few who may be on the fence to take action and convert.

Advantages to Landing Sites:

  • When appropriate, landing sites display powerful benefit-oriented copywriting (words) that persuade your visitors to convert into leads or sales.
  • Landing sites remove clutter and distractions to keep visitors on the path to conversion.
  • Landing sites reduce navigation choices by removing distracting and non relevant links which increases conversion, leads and sales.
  • Landing sites show the merchandise and leads visitors to the checkout line.

Landing Sites tell searchers what they
want to know to make the buying decision:

  • “This is the right place”
  • “This is what I thought it would be”
  • “It is easy to get what I want”
  • “I don’t need to click the back button”
  • “This site and company looks trustworthy”
  • “This won’t take much time at all”

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