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How do I implement "Landing Sites" into
my Marketing Strategy? What's Involved?

To maximize your result and leverage the power of Landing Sites, we recommend executing the following 4 Phase Process:

Phase I – Benchmarking

Capture and report current PPC performance results to set your “benchmark.” This information will include identifying the traffic and conversion rates for your selected search terms (for the selected time period). This enables us to identify exactly how well your campaigns convert… and where we can make improvements.

Note: A “Conversion” is defined as the sign up process in response to a “Call to Action”. A Conversion provides the name and email address of a potential customer (suspect). Typical Calls to Action include signing up for a news letter, a seminar, a webinar, a demo, a trial, a white paper, etc.)

Phase II – Implementing the Landing Sites

Develop and implement Landing Sites for selected PPC search terms.

  1. Define the Message Strategy*. Space, Sector, Attributes/Aspects – Mindset for those search terms that will direct traffic to Landing Sites
  2. Define the layouts and graphical elements
  3. Define the unveiling strategy – segues to underneath pages
  4. Build the layouts
  5. Build the graphic elements
  6. Write the copy
  7. Produce the sites

Phase III – Measuring the Improvement and Reaping the Benefits

Capture and report the new performance results for those search terms that have Landing Sites.

Phase IV – Continue Testing and Improving

Continuously test, track, and improve the important words and elements of your landing sites to squeeze more profit from every dollar spent on marketing.

Plus, you can use the knowledge learned to improve all your other marketing materials such as…

  • Brochures
  • Presentations
  • And more.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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