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Want to Increase the Leads and Sales Generated
by Your Web Site by 50-250% or more?

Discover How to Get More Results
From Your Landing Pages

Increase Your Leads And Sales
With Optimized Landing Sites
Want to increase the leads and sales generated from your web site?

Pay-Per-Click Search Engine advertising (PPC) was voted the #1 best Internet marketing tactic for 2005 in’s latest ad:tech study.

Today’s “best practice” of PPC advertising is sending your visitors to “landing pages” (instead of your site’s home page). On average, landing pages promoting free offers get 6-11% conversion rates and e-commerce landing pages get only 2% conversions.

Only Converting 2%?

That's terrible! Here’s how you can do better…

Sending your visitors to relevant “Landing Pages” is a step on the right direction, but having just one page usually is just not enough to convert an adequate amount of visitors into leads or sales.

Why? Because, your target market needs more information than one web page can offer in order to make the decision to convert.

A Landing Page is Simply Not Enough
to Maximize Your Conversion Rate

Why “Landing Sites” Are The Ultimate Conversion Tool…

A landing site is a targeted “mini site” specifically designed to optimize your online marketing visibility, conversions, sales and even referrals. It is designed to lure the few who may be on the fence to take action and convert.

A conversion is an opportunity to sell your product or service. But, hardly anybody has a systematic approach on how to proactively market to those conversions. For example, almost everybody assumes that when the "submit" button is clicked, the job of marketing is done.


The job of converting has only just begun! While your prospective customer is engaging in an “online conversation” with your web site you have the golden opportunity to…

  • educate them and help put things in perspective;
  • bring clarity to their problem and introduce your solution;
  • amplify your value proposition and highlight the benefits you offer;
  • ask for action to become a new client or customer.

Plus, in addition to web pages your landing sites can utilize other powerful marketing and communications tools in such as…

  • Automated marketing initiated at time of conversion;
  • Email follow-up systems that maximize leads and sales;
  • High impact visual presentations in Flash or video;
  • Helpful tools and info that helps prospects buy;
  • And more.

In turn, you’ll capitalize on many advantages…

  1. You’ll generate more prospects with a strong propensity to buy;
  2. You’ll have more opportunities to sell and generate referrals;
  3. You’ll compress your sales cycle.

Let's some it up!

You want more business opportunities and MORE automation to respond to those opportunities. Landing Sites are the ultimate conversion tool.

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