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How to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings
by Boosting Your Web Site's "Link Popularity"

Links are the most fundamental building blocks of the Internet and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Having links pointing to your site is what makes your site visible and is vital to achieving high rankings in the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN Search.

The term "Link popularity" is used to describe the amount of web pages that link to your web pages. Link Popularity is the most important contributing factor that the Search Engines use to determine page rankings. In fact, the Internet is the ultimate democracy - the site with the most “votes” (links) wins.

But, link building can be confusing, time consuming, and tedious. In this article I illustrate the best strategies for boosting your Google “PageRank” and “Link Popularity” by getting links to your web site.

Google "PageRank":

With over 75% of the people surfing the Net using Google, it's the biggest Search Engine in the World. In fact, getting top rankings at Google for keywords related to your topic will provide your web site with a constant source of qualified visitors, leads, and sales.

One of the primary methods Google uses for ranking web sites, is with their unique way of measuring link popularity called "Google PageRank" (PR). Today, Google doesn't care how "good" your web site content is, they mostly care about how "popular" your web site is, and how "strong" your links are. So, the more links you have pointing to your site from other quality and relevant sites the better. When you can get incoming links from website with a high PR, those count for a whole lot more for boosting your rankings.

In fact, usually you DON'T need hundreds of links pointing to your site to boost your search engine ranking above your competitors (unless you’re in a hyper competitive market). You just need a few strong links from "authority sites" in your industry. So, if you want to rank high in Google, be willing to acquire and even purchase high PR links from other web sites. Use the Google Toolbar ( to view the "Page Rank" of any site you're viewing on your Internet browser.

Content is KING, but LINKS Rule:

There are two schools of thought that exist in the Search Engine Optimization industry. The “SEO Copywriters” (builders of keyword focused content pages) and the “SEO Link Builders” (builders of in-bound links). The Link Builders always rule and rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS), but content can still be King if you use it correctly.

One of the best, yet often overlooked linking strategies is to provide excellent content and resources at your web site for your visitors. If you strive to have the best web site in your niche or industry, visitors will naturally use it as resource, come back often, tell their friends, and link to you.

Use Keyword Focused Text Links:

Every web site has a topic or “theme”, and as Google Developer Matt Cutts says… "thematic incoming links from authority sites carry more weight than on-page optimization." In other words, if your web site sells “blue widgets”, your site’s theme is “blue widgets”. Getting “blue widget” links from “blue widget” web sites is the ultimate in linking strategy for ranking high at the Search Engines. Here’s an example… You get links from widget oriented web sites like with the words “Blue Widgets” within the text links that point to your site.

The words within your links is called “anchor text” and having your theme keywords in your anchor text is the best strategy for linking to your web site. Here are some helpful tips to maximize your results and search engine rankings…

  • These “themed” text links can be called “keyword focused text links.” Be sure to tell people exactly how to link to your web site by giving them your keyword focused title (used for the text link), a description, and your URL.
  • The more keywords you have in your anchor text, the more diluted your rank. So, be very careful in choosing the specific keyword/phrase that you want to rank best for. For example “widgets” vs “blue widgets”.
  • Use anchor text to link your own web pages together throughout your web site.
  • It's not a good idea to have 100% of your inbound links to be the same text across the board. Why? Because it's easy to see that you've "engineered" your links and the Search Engines ban you for SPAM. Look more “natural” to the Search Engines by using many types of good anchor text links like “Blue widgets” and “buy blue widgets”.
  • DO NOT get links from “SPAMMY” sites like “Free For All” links pages, “Link Farms”, etc.

Get Indexed in the Internet Directories:

Getting your site listed in the major Internet Directories will improve your rankings in Google and other top Search Engines. Since their standards are high, the Search Engines consider many Internet Directories as “Authority” or “Expert” sites. The two most important links you can get that are:

  1. Pay $299/year to get listed in Yahoo! Directory
  2. Submit yourself to Open Directory and don't give up until you get in. It's free, but can take 3 months!

Linking Research:

To maximize your search engine rankings and traffic, your web site should be listed in the most frequently visited web sites in your industry or “theme” such as:

  • Industry Specific Internet Directories like
  • Industry Specific & News web sites like
  • Industry Specific Discussion Groups & Forums like

The best way to find other web sites that can link to your web site is to simply search for your targeted keywords at See which web sites are ranking the highest for those targeted keywords and then acquire keyword focused links from these web sites. Do not ask your competitor to link to you, rather… find out who’s linking to them, and get them to link to your site.

Another smart strategy is to search at Google for your site’s for linking opportunities with specific keywords. Here are some examples…

+widget +directory
+widget +news
+widget +link
+widget +add url
+widget +submit
+widget +discussion
+widget +forum

Other Linking Resources & Strategies:

If you’ve followed the above linking strategies, you will have a solid foundation of keyword focused text links for your site. If you need even more links, use the following resources…

  • Top 100 Strategic Links - Improve your Search Engine rankings by submitting your web site to our list of the "Top 100" Internet Directories.
  • Publicity – A consistent publicity campaign can get you links from some of the best web sites on the Net. These links provide your web site with “Link Popularity” and the Google PageRank numbers you need for high search engine ranking and traffic. Plus, the links themselves can bring you a significant amount of targeted traffic. Send press releases to the media and write articles for use on other web sites.
  • Link Brokers – If you are in a highly competitive industry that requires aggressive marketing and linking, consider purchasing relevant links from a text link broker. For a flat or monthly fee, a link broker can provide you with hundreds of new keyword focused text links to your web site for boosting PR and rankings over your competition.

In Conclusion:

Achieving top search engine rankings for your keywords can be a big boost to your business and bottom line. Since links are vital to achieving high rankings in the Search Engines, allocate your resources to developing your web site’s Link Popularity and boosting your Google PageRank.

Other Resources:

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