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Marketing in the New Millennium

How To Take Full Advantage Of The New Paradigm In Selling
To Significantly Increase Profits And Eliminate Your Competition

Things have changed in the business world… in a big way. The last 10 to 20 years have brought a new paradigm in selling that has forever changed how companies will market their products. The companies who understand, embrace, and utilize this "new" way of selling will dominate their market, while the others fail.

Scott DeGarmo, former publisher of Success Magazine said it best in the following quote: "The big money goes to those companies with superior marketing operations. Entrepreneurial companies of today must evolve from being sales oriented to being marketing oriented in order to now win the consumer."

Selling used to be simple

There was a time when selling was simpler. This was a time when the marketplace was less crowded and there were less choices. For example, in 1980, if you wanted to buy a stereo system, where did you go? You would go to the local department store and ask the sales representative what kind of stereo systems were available and what features would best fit your needs… 8-track tape, turn table, etc.

You didn’t have the ability to go online or to Barnes & Noble and read 10 magazines that compared and rated the new stereo systems currently on the market. The department store was the only source of up-to-date information. In those days, selling was easy because it was easier for the consumer to make a buying decision. The reason it was easier to make a buying decision is because there were fewer choices and less competition. The seller had the power because the buyer had few options.

Those Days Are Over! Welcome To The Age Of Information

This era ended just 10-20 years ago depending on your industry. In today's "Age of Information" we deal a whole new paradigm. Now consumers have “Gigabytes” of information at their fingertips, and they know how to use it to make informed decisions... on their own terms.

What Does This Mean For A Business Executive Like Yourself?

The results of this new paradigm in selling are increased competition, choices, and sales resistance. It also means longer sales cycles, price competition that did not exist before, and the fact that products are now becoming commodities. In the new millennium we are witnessing industry leaders like and Walmart who use superior marketing and logistical strategies to squeeze the smaller companies who don’t have superior marketing operations out of the market.

Marketing costs have also increased. Studies show that today the average consumer receives 3000 commercial messages per day. This phenomenon is known as "The Clutter Factor" and it has literally tripled the cost of sales today over just ten years ago. It is very hard to get noticed in the new millennium and the days of branding and awareness advertising are over.

How Do I Sell In This Age Of Increased Competition?

The answer is simple, but first I’ll tell you what selling is definitely not. Using "branding" techniques that the advertising agencies and representatives are pitching will not sell your product. It will simply waste your money… in a HURRY. Using marketing messaging that is focused on how great you are with meaningless words such as "quality, service, and price" will not sell your product. All your competition is using this kind of wimpy messaging, and just look how well they’re doing. Using tricks that mislead your prospect such as the old “bait and switch” will not sell your product. Quite the opposite, these tricks will result in prospects resisting you even more. You, as a business owner, need to find a solution to your biggest problem:

How Do I Get Clients To Want To Listen To What I Am Saying
And Actually Want To Purchase My Product From Me… NOW?

To answer this question, it is important that you know the differences between selling and marketing...

Selling is the process of closing the prospects that you have "pre-conditioned" with your marketing messages to contact you and purchase your product. The critical element of sales is having prospects contact you who want to talk to you, and want to hear how you can benefit them. If they don't contact you, they probably don't want to hear your message. If they don’t want to hear your message, you cannot sell to them. If your phone isn’t ringing, your marketing isn't working!

Marketing is the process of attracting attention, raising the interest of your target market, and influencing their decision-making process. It is the tool that educates and prepares your prospects and then compels them to respond. Your marketing gives your sales team the opportunity to close sales rather than chasing them down. This is the critical difference between marketing and selling.

Sell With Superior Marketing Systems

The ultimate goal of marketing is to cut through the clutter, separate you from the competition, and then eliminate your competitors so that your product is the only logical choice. To accomplish this goal, your marketing must make the argument for your company and product like a lawyer presents a case to the jury.

Your marketing needs to include compelling, powerfully written messages that arouse curiosity, and deliver benefits. Your marketing needs market data that dramatically improves your position, unveils a "Smoking Gun" that totally proves your point, and a offers a logical progression of facts that draw prospects to only one conclusion… to buy.

Article by Matt Hockin, Owner of Interactive Marketing. Call 541.280.3363 for a free orientation on how to increase your sales and profitability with sales and marketing systems optimized for your small to medium-sized business.

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