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Interactive Marketing, Inc. Announces New Service
That Increases Landing Page Conversion Rates

Bend, Oregon – April 21, 2006 – Interactive Marketing, Inc., a leading website optimization provider, is announcing a new service that will allow companies to increase landing page conversion rates for increasing sales, leads and opt-ins. By providing companies with professional conversion rate optimization services, Interactive Marketing, Inc. is allowing businesses to experience increased website sales without the need for increased traffic.

Many website owners soon realize that even the most impressive amounts of website traffic will do nothing for their business if that traffic doesn’t convert to sales. Because of this, many companies quickly begin to appreciate the value of landing page conversion rates and instead of focusing on increasing traffic, smart website owners work to increase landing page conversion rates.

Surprisingly, while many businesses understand the importance of increasing landing page conversion rates, what it takes to actually do so still remains a mystery to most. Thankfully, Interactive Marketing is now taking the mystery out of the equation, allowing its clients to experience significantly higher sales without the need for increased traffic.

"Statistics show that a majority of your website visitors leave the site within 8 seconds of viewing your landing page, home page or product page. This is called your 'bail-out rate' and can be as high as 80% or more. By focusing on the six most important landing page components we're able to increase the conversion rates of web pages and landing pages," stated Matt Hockin - President of Interactive Marketing, Inc.

Touting the importance of conversion rate optimization, Interactive Marketing is allowing website owners to experience increased landing page conversion rates like never before with some clients experiencing more than a 250 percent increase in their conversion ratios.

To find out more about how to increase landing page conversion rates, see:

About Interactive Marketing:
Interactive Marketing, Inc. provides web site optimization and search engine marketing services that “tune up” web sites for increased web site conversion rates, traffic, and profitability. Click here to download your copy of the Website Optimization Guide.


Media Contact:
Matt Hockin
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For more details about conversion rate optimization, call Matt Hockin at 541.280.3363 or click here to contact us for more information.

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