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How to Get More Performance
And Sales From Your Website

Your 10 Step Checklist To A Website That Sells

In this article, I cover the following:

An Opportunity Awaits You

This may sound like hyperbole ("hype"), but I'm going to say it anyway... We are living in a time of great opportunity. Right now the Internet is revolutionizing the way the world communicates and conducts business. Currently the technology of the Internet is relatively inexpensive and your barriers to entry into this lucrative business arena are low.

This window of opportunity will not stay open for you very long. In just a few short years these barriers may grow larger as the technology gets more complex and expensive. The few who "stake their claim" on the World Wide Web now will be the benefactors to this great opportunity.

Now is the time for you to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity and start using the Web to begin selling online now!

What Your Website Can Do For You

Your Website is the key to your success online. You can use your Website to increase sales, capture new markets, slash costs, and much more.


The Internet is the fastest growing communications and commerce medium in the world. It does not matter what business you are in, you need to be a part of this community. Millions of potential customers are on the Internet. Your competition is also on the Internet and they are selling or will be selling to your market very soon.


By establishing your own identity through a Website, you have the opportunity to beat nearly all of your global competitors to the starting line. Being first has enormous value.

Extend Your Marketing Reach:

Having a presence on the Internet automatically extends your reach into the global economy since people from all over the world will find your site.

Increase Your Sales:

Nearly all the people visiting your Web page will find it by searching the search engines for information about your product or service. This means that a high percentage of your visitors represent very qualified prospects. They have clicked to your Website because they are interested in what you are offering.

This means that if you build a Website That Sells, you'll dramatically increase your sales. This may seem overly simple, but the techniques do work.

Reduce Costs:

Using the Internet to communicate and market your products reduces your long distance charges, printing costs, postage costs and payroll costs.

Improve Customer Service:

Answer your customer's most frequently asked questions (FAQ) electronically with your Website and e-mail instead of wasting time on the phone.

The Key to Building a Website That Sells

Only a small percentage of Websites on the Internet sell, about 1%. This means that 99% do not sell. Is your Website in the 99% category that don't sell? Would you like to join the 1% of people who have found out the secrets of how to build a Website That Sells?

Then read this:

The key to building a Website That Sells is to use methods of...

Direct Response Marketing

Why should you use direct response marketing techniques?

Because, the Internet is a direct response medium. Generally, when people "surf" the Net they are looking for information. They go to a search engine, type in a couple keywords, visit a site that pops up in the search, and move on to the next one.

You need to "grab" them on their first visit your site you'll most likely never get a second chance. Get them to respond if they're interested.

  • Emphasize the use of information to sell - not image. Words sell, pictures and flashy Web technology do not sell! (Although, if you use them correctly, they’ll increase your sales as well.)

  • Write your sales copy with your target customer in mind and communicate the benefits of your product, not just features.

  • Get your visitors to respond by either buying or granting you permission to educate them about your product for future purchases.

  • Use primary responses & secondary or "back-up" responses.

  • A primary response is usually a purchase of your product. For every 1 person who delivers your primary response (buys), there are at least 10 who almost bought. Develop ways to move these “almost buyers” (the ones who didn't buy) closer to the sale. [More about this later.]

  • Be sure that everything you do with your site is geared towards achieving one thing -- increasing your sales.
10 Steps To A Site That Sells

Here is a condensed checklist used to build a Website that sells:

STEP 1) Plan and Prepare To Win

  • Know the nature of your product(s).
  • Is your product appropriate for Web sales?
  • Write the top 5-10 features & benefits for each product.
  • Study your target market.
  • Who exactly is your customer?
  • What are his or her needs, wants and worries?
  • Establish the goals of your Website.
  • What are the goals for your site besides getting a primary or secondary response? (customer service, etc.)

STEP 2) Establish Your "Primary Response"

  • Establish your primary response for each product/service (Buy).
  • How do you want the prospect to deliver the primary response (Call an 800 number, secure order form, fax, free consultation, etc.)?
  • Make a step-by-step outline of how your customer makes a decision to buy.
  • How could this process get derailed?
  • What must you do online to get the SALE or PRIMARY RESPONSE?

STEP 3) Establish your "Secondary Response"

  • For each person who delivers the primary response, 10 didn't!
  • Develop at least 1 secondary (back-up) response.

STEP 4) Design & Usability

  • Settle on the look and feel of your site. What colors does your customer like: warm (reds/yellows) or cool (blues/greens)?
  • Design your home page.
  • Develop the navigational organization of the site.
  • Lay out your pathways to each PRIMARY RESPONSE.

STEP 5) Write your Headline & Opening Paragraph

  • Fire your biggest GUN -> your Ultimate Strategic Position (USP).
  • Write down other important benefits.


  • Write your opening page -> finish with an arrow to the next page
  • Write your next 2-4 pages that lead to the PRIMARY RESPONSE CLOSER PAGE.Design and build your Website's critical pages:
    • All Headlines
    • Your product's features and benefits
    • A "Rock Solid" Guarantee
    • Testimonials
  • Create your BONUS OFFER

STEP 7) Edit & Rewrite

  • Reread and rewrite the opening page to make it better.


  • Get 5 people (preferrably newbies) to give you honest feedback.


  • Submit to a couple search engines to gain LOW traffic See what people are doing and TEST!!! Then TEST again and again.

STEP 10) Build Targeted Traffic...

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Build your "foundation" of traffic by submitting your Website to the Top 100 Directories and Search Engines.
  • Advertising on the Pay-Per-Click Search Engines (PPCSEs) like and Google Adwords.
  • E-Mail Marketing (Newsletter/Opt-In).
  • Have others sell your product with your own Affiliate Program.
  • Have your sales team use your Website as a presentation tool.
  • Publicity in the media.
  • Direct response advertising.

[STEP 11] Continually TEST and Improve Your Site

  • I added this extra step since it is critical to constantly test new ideas and techniques to improve your Website's sales. This will continually increase your profits and keep you ahead of the competition.

Article by Matt Hockin, President of Interactive Marketing, Inc. Call 866.279.5785
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