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Want Your Website To Generate More Revenue?

Make Your Website Copy Sell…

Would your like to know the secret to making your Website sell?...


This may seem too obvious and overly simplified, but writing effective sales copy (words) is the key to making your Website sell.

So why aren't more people buying online? From what I've seen on the Web, it is painfully obvious. The reason that more people do not buy online is because most Websites are not designed to sell correctly. To sell you need benefit-oriented words that appeal to your customer.

Instead of boosting about your product to your customer, you have to have to think like your customer and deliver the benefits that your product will provide after they purchase, own and use it.


Easy. What are your product's features? Grab a piece of paper and write down every single feature that your product has. Next, brainstorm and write the benefit that each feature delivers to your customer. Finding these benefits takes a different way of looking at your product.

For example...

For simplicity's sake, let's pretend that you sell a simple product like... Toasters. (For toasting bread.)

Why do your customers buy toasters? Is it because of the features like...

  • the shiny chrome finish?
  • the handy timer that adjusts cooking time?
  • the easy-cleaning design?

NO! Your customer really buys a toaster because s/he...

...wants delicious golden-brown toast!

Toast is the benefit of owning a toaster. For each feature there are one or more benefits. Your customer gets these benefits from your product's features. The benefits are the reasons why they buy products.

Add headlines that sell...

According to Joe Robson, author of "Make Your Words Sell!" (MYWS!), about 80% of your Website's readers will only read your headline. The job of your headline is to "grab" the reader and get them to read the rest of your copy. To accomplish this you only need to remember one thing...

WIIFM - What's In It For Me?

This is what your visitors are asking themselves when they land on your Website. People are very busy - especially on the Internet. Present your visitors with a headline that gives them exactly what they want. Hit them with your biggest benefit - your Ultimate Strategic Position (USP).

More tips for writing copy that sells...

  • Follow headlines with "stimulating" introductions
  • Use subheadings
  • Write in chunks
  • Start each paragraph with a bang
  • Keep your sentences short
  • Saturate your copy with benefits
  • Don't use jargon that the average person won't know
  • Don't use "hype"
  • Use testimonials
  • Use a guarantee
  • Ask for the order
  • Use graphics to enhance the sales experience
  • ... and many more.

You can dramatically increase the Conversion Rate (the readers to sales ratio) of your Website, sales letters, and other sales documents by using effective copy writing techniques. Increasing your profits and sales by re-writing with effective sales copy is significantly less expensive than trying to overcome poor copy writing by purchasing more advertising.

Make Your Website Copy Sell.

Article by Matt Hockin, Owner of Interactive Marketing. Call 541.280.3363 for a free orientation on how to increase your sales and profitability with sales and marketing systems optimized for your small to medium-sized business.

Start today...

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