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Website Design And Development Services

Transform Your Website Into A Highly Effective Sales Tool
To Boost Your Revenues And Exceed Your ROI Expectations

Would you like to significantly increase (maybe even double or quadruple) the number of new leads or customers you generate from your website... without increasing your advertising budget?

Have the Website Design and Conversion Rate Optimization experts at Interactive Marketing, Inc. transform your Website into powerful marketing machine that pulls MAXIMUM response and profits for your company.

Our Website "Makeover" and Re-Design services will polish your look and  increase your conversion rates by combining compelling benefit-oriented copywriting and a visually-appealing design for maximizing your site's conversion rates and sales.

Features and Benefits of our Web Design Services:

  • Boost Your Leads and Sales with "Conversion Rate Optimization"
    We'll maximize your website's ability to generate new leads and sales by 50-200% (or more) with "Conversion Rate Optimization." Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of making your website more persuasive and benefit-oriented to your target audience to get more visitors to buy or become qualified leads for your sales team.
  • Get Results with Persuasive Copywriting and Design
    Conversion rate optimization is all about getting results by specifically showing your website visitors "WIIFM" - What's In It For Me? (In other words, showing exactly how your  product or service will benefit your prospects) In fact, itís the best way to turn more website visitors into paying customers... without increasing your advertising budget.
  • Increase Trust with Visually Appealing Web Design
    Having an visually-appealing design helps with creating a sub-conscious feeling of comfort and trust with your visitors. Having a feeling of comfort and trust makes your visitors want to do business with you which increases your sales and boosts your bottom line.

Client Examples:

The following success stories are from clients who will share the results they've received from our web design and conversion rate optimization services.

Example 1: Zero to 30+ New Clients Per Month With a
Complete Website Re-Design and Search Engine Marketing

Academic Dermatology

Academic Dermatology
is a Detroit liposuction and cosmetic surgery center specializing in safe "tumescent liposuction," facelifts, dermatology and other cosmetic and skin care treatments.

Dr. Brian Sandler was getting almost zero new patients from their website because of poor website design combined with very low search engine visibility and traffic.

We provided a full website redesign including Conversion Rate Optimization and copy writing, PPC Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Went from zero to 30+ new patients per month! The website now ranks very high on  the search engines for keyword phrases that are important for driving qualified visitors. The website and search engine marketing are now very profitable.

Example 2: Converting More Visitors into Leads with
Conversion Rate Optimization and a Web Site Re-Design

HR Technology Partners

HR Technology Partners is a consulting firm specializing in helping companies with streamlining their business processes by selecting and implementing the right  human resources and payroll software for their unique needs.

This client was not getting enough leads from their website because it was not strategically optimized to generate leads.

We provided a full website redesign including Conversion Rate Optimization, persuasive copy writing (words) and a link popularity campaign. A free white paper and free "webinar" tele-conferences are now offered on the website for the purpose of generating quality leads.

The website is now generating a steady stream of qualified leads for their sales team and providing them with new business.

"Your website optimization and linking campaign are working great! The website is now generating a lot more quality leads which has filled the 'pipeline' for our sales team and is providing us with a great source of new business. Thanks for your help."

Todd Asevedo
HR Tech Partners
HR Software

Click here for additional success stories

Other Website Design Examples:

Client: David Wilhite, DDS - Plano Texas Dentist
Cosmetic Dentist in Plano Texas specializing in Invisalign Braces,
Dental Implants, Porcelain Veneers and more.

Client: XL Management Company, LLC
Senior Communities & Management Services

Client: M-Tech Motorcycles
Bend Oregon Motorcycle Repair & Performance Services

DraftingEdge, LLC - AutoCAD Drafting Services
Client: DraftingEdge, LLC
AutoCAD Drafting Services - Spokane Valley, Washington

Why Interactive Marketing?

  • We GUARANTEE youíll get great results from our website design and conversion rate services. We are 110% focused on increasing your sales and qualified leads.
  • Over 10 years experience with successfully developing and promoting websites for hundreds of companies. Read our success stories and testimonials here.
  • We understand your website is a work in progress long after "going live" and we'll be your long-term partner for support and continued strategic direction for building your business.

For more details about our Web Design Services, call Matt Hockin at 541.280.3363 or click here to contact us for more information.

Start Your Webite Design Project Today:

Call 541-280-3363 or Sign Up For Your Free Consultation. Learn how you can get more results from your current marketing budget. Optimize your web site to and increase your leads, sales, referrals, and profits. Click Here For More Info

For more information about Interactive Marketing and the web site traffic building and conversion rate optimization services we offer, call us at 541.280.3363 or fill out our form for a FREE consultation.

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